The Story Behind the Brand

Starting KMC Handbags as a business venture in the Spring of 2018 was more than just a business idea. It all started from sewing individual, custom-made handbags…and here we are years later with our own manufacturer producing my initial handbag designs.

It all began with always dreaming how to sew and owning my own business. I knew it was important to gain experience in the fashion industry, preferably from an established designer. In the midst of COVID-19, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to establish KMC Handbags as an LLC and start researching manufacturers.

I taught myself how to sew through watching videos, where the ideas and creativity began to flow. Between choosing fabrics, designing, and the first handbag, KMC began and has since been an integral part of my life. That being said, I found my purpose through discovering sewing as a new hobby that turned into my passion of designing unique, high-quality handbags that are both affordable and timeless. Several broken needles and spools of thread later, I learned I was hooked on designing custom made handbags.

KMC is proud to be locally manufactured in the great state of Texas! We launched the First Collection in 2022 and have launched several collections and new products thereafter. Our handbags are made of unique, high-end vegan leathers and snakeskins accompanied by beautiful, trending interior fabrics.

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xo Kathleen, Founder & CEO